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                  August 4, 2020


                  Latest Pelham Reporter

                  Coin shortage affecting some businesses, not others

                  When’s the last time you reached into your pocket and heard the familiar jingle of change when making a cash transaction? Read more

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                  Pelham volleyball replacing 8 seniors heading into 2020 season

                  Perry Robinson is replacing the most seniors he’s had to since his 2017 Pelham Panthers took the state championship. Read more

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                  COVID-19 testing event serves nearly 150 people

                  A free COVID-19 testing event put on by Community of Hope Health Clinic on Tuesday, July 28, provided free testing to nearly 150 people in ... Read more

                  4 days ago by Alec Etheredge.


                  Pelham PD warning of car break-ins

                  The Pelham Police Department wants to warn local residents of a recent surge in vehicle break-ins happening within city limits. Read more

                  4 days ago by Alec Etheredge.

                  South City Theatre hosting virtual game show on Friday nights

                  Despite not being able to put on live productions, the South City Theatre is continuing to engage the community by hosting an interactive Virtual Game ... Read more

                  5 days ago by Alec Etheredge.

                  Gov. Ivey extends Safer at Home order, mandates masks until Aug. 31

                  Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey held a press conference from the state capitol in Montgomery on Wednesday, July 29, and extended the current Safer at Home ... Read more

                  6 days ago by Alec Etheredge.


                  UPDATE: County’s COVID-19 daily case count on slight downward trend

                   With 1,869 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks according to the Alabama Department of Public Health, the number of new cases continues ... 狸猫加速器安卓版安装包

                  6 days ago by Alec Etheredge.


                  Pelham’s second citywide forum furthers community-police discussions

                  City officials, law enforcement and community members met at the Pelham Police Department for the second “Standing United for Progress” forum aimed at improving relations ... Read more

                  7 days ago by Alec Etheredge.

                  Domestic violence on the rise during COVID-19

                  One of the most unfortunate side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rise in domestic violence in Shelby County, according to reports from SafeHouse ... Read more

                  7 days ago by Alec Etheredge.

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                  Seeking to nourish people both physically and spiritually, the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in Pelham held a drive-thru food drive and prayer on ... Read more

                  7 days ago by Alec Etheredge.


                  Plenty of people from across Shelby County made their way out to help raise money in a unique way at Sav-A-Life Shelby’s annual Walk for Life ... Read more

                  7 days ago by Alec Etheredge.


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                  The Pelham Racquet Club celebrated the retirement of its Head Tennis Pro Ann Etheredge with a party on Monday, July 27. Read more

                  7 days ago by Alec Etheredge.

                  Jefferson-Shelby Youth Football League cancels 2020 season

                  After a meeting on Sunday, July 26, the Jefferson-Shelby Youth Football League board members voted 6-5 in favor of canceling the upcoming 2020 season due ... 狸猫加速器安卓版下载在哪里

                  7 days ago by Alec Etheredge.

                  Sanders named Pelham Officer of the Year for 2020

                  PELHAM — Officer Al Sanders was recognized as the 2020 American Legion Post 555 Police Officer of the Year on July 17. 狸猫加速器安卓版百度云

                  1 week ago by Staff Reports.


                  Parents’ decisions regarding school a weighty matter

                  On Monday, July 20, Pelham parents confirmed with school officials whether their children’s fall 2020 semester’s schooling would be virtual, blended or traditional. Read more

                  1 week ago by Staff Reports.

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